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Shop Crew

Werner's Crash Shop Crew

Getting my crew to stand still to snap a picture isn't easy. At Werner's it is my goal to make you feel at ease and let you know who is working on your vehicle. Please check back soon as I expand the content of this page and get pictures and a little bit about my guys up on the page.


Eric worked as the Shop Manager for Werner's from 1986 until he was given the opportunity to buy the shop in 1998. Under his leadership the shop has expanded to take over the other half of the building, improve the paint booth to state-of-the-art and build a crew able to restore any car to like new condition.

Eric V. Berge


Jenna is the manager she takes care of working with our vendors to help keep everything running smoothly. Jenna has been with us going on nine years. She is also responsible for checking cars in and scheduling; making sure the repair cycle runs as smoothly as possible.

Jenna Sherburne

Collision Tech

KC is a graduate of the collision repair course at South Seattle Community College as has been with us for going on eight years. He is an important part of our team with his eye for detail and sense of fit and finish.

Collision Repair Technician
Kao C. Seaphan

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