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The Beast Master

1964 Chevelle

The Beast Master Returns

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The Chevelle was purchased in the fall of 1978 from Mike Soldano. It was purchased less rear suspension, wiring, brakes, plumbing, engine and transmision. With the help of my father and friend's the car was made drivable with a wrecking yard engine and transmission. That was 1979 and the first time the car had been licensed since 1964. During the thirty years of ownership the Chevelle been three colors, white, red and black, which it will remain. In the course of my ownership I have entered my car in ISCA shows placing a first in my first show. I drag raced my car starting in the fourteens and running a best of 10:39 @ 126mph. I parked the car in 1998 and started the final ressurection of the Chevelle which you see here.

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